Fajardo for a Bottom Job

Going Back in the Water

January 2017 – We anchored just south of Fajardo in the small shelter of Isla Pineros. We spent a really rolly night waiting for our appointment with the travel lift at Puerto del Rey Marina. We were certainly ready to leave once it was time.

We headed out early to make the three short miles to the marina. There was “mucho viento” (lots of wind) and some pretty sporty waves, but we had an appointment to keep. Of course, as we turned the corner at the seawall of the marina, the waves went quiet. Alan still had a lot of wind to contend with, but he did an admirable job driving the boat into the travel lift. Once we were off the boat, we had a talk with the operator about our concerns with the travel lift, and together we decided we should be in the larger one. (Not sure why we were worried about the travel lift? Read about our dismasting here.) So, back on board, out of the lift and into the one next to it. Still blowing like crazy. Once again, no problem. Read more

De-Masted in Marathon

The weather started getting rough. The tiny ship was tossed. If not for the courage of the fearless crew…

Writing about a tragedy is hard so I have been putting it off.  Then I finally figured out that the story might not even qualify as a tragedy.  Sure, our boat was damaged.  Yes, our plans were delayed.  We even cried when it happened. But nobody got hurt and we were in the beautiful Florida Keys for a few months…I am thankful to still be on the journey of a lifetime!

Travel Lift Damage
Travel Lift Hits Forestay

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Seabrook, Texas to Palmetto, Florida

Preparation, planning, and perfect timing are all that it takes for a beautiful five and a half day sail across the Gulf of Mexico to Florida from Texas.  The wind, blowing nicely from the north at 12 to 15 knots, provides a beam reach that is the envy of all who have gone before.  Calm seas with outstretched wave height of two to three feet seem to mock the stories of the Gulf’s treacheries.  Averaging 7 to 8 knots puts us there in less time than we imagined.  Having a beautiful chef on board and catching yellow fin tuna along the way round out the trip to make it the absolute best experience a sailor could want…

Well, that was how it was supposed to go.

Red Sky Night Before Leaving
Red Sky Night Before Leaving

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