Finally! Marathon, Florida to Bimini Bahamas

Al and Cheri in the Bahamas
All smiles – Because we’re finally in the Bahamas!

After five months of repairs in Marathon, FL, Consort was ready to go! We have a new mast and rigging, and have made several additional improvements during our enforced downtime. Woohoo! Alan and I were more than ready to get out of town, and we had a decent weather window. See ya, Marathon! We were excited and making last minute preparations to leave the next day, when I heard it… Read more

De-Masted in Marathon

The weather started getting rough. The tiny ship was tossed. If not for the courage of the fearless crew…

Writing about a tragedy is hard so I have been putting it off.  Then I finally figured out that the story might not even qualify as a tragedy.  Sure, our boat was damaged.  Yes, our plans were delayed.  We even cried when it happened. But nobody got hurt and we were in the beautiful Florida Keys for a few months…I am thankful to still be on the journey of a lifetime!

Travel Lift Damage
Travel Lift Hits Forestay

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Bahamas Provisioning

Well, we’re still in Marathon – and will be for at least a couple more weeks. We hope to be headed out to the Bahamas by May 1, but we are at the mercy of the mast manufacturer for now!

In the meantime, we have met some wonderful people and done some fun things.

The airshow at the Naval Air Station was a real treat.

Start of the Show


I’d never been to one before, and WOW was it fun! 

Blue Angels


Nice Cessna

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