What about the Stuff???

“A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.” ~ George Carlin

Moving Day

Living aboard a boat or in a tiny house. That thought crosses lots of peoples’ minds, apparently. It’s a beautiful, romantic thought. But then comes another thought – not as romantic. That second thought is about your stuff. It is paralyzing to think about dealing with all the accumulated stuff that life has piled on you throught the years. At least, that’s how it seemed for me. We had lived in the same house for 22 years. When I say the amount of stuff we had accumulated was overwhelming, that is a huge understatement. Every closet, it seemed, was full of things kept “just in case” or for sentimental reasons. And so many duplicates! Did I really need four pairs of red heels? Three slightly different 1.5 quart saucepans? Why did I have four bottles of soft scrub? Who knows? But that kind of excess wasn’t going to cut it on the boat; I knew that.

So, how to begin the process? For me, it ended up having two phases: One, a leisurely, one-small-bite-at-a-time, year-long effort, approached with the ambition of someone under no time constraints whatsoever (read: no ambition, really…) and the other, a three week mad dash like my hair was on fire, ending with hauling a trailer containing all the things that remained to the boat to move aboard. I recommend a more balanced approach. Your blood pressure would thank you, I am sure! Read more

Finally Up and Running

Finally Up and Running

For my first post, I will tell you that setting up a website was a little harder than I thought.  There are many choices to be made such as what to name the site, securing the url, picking a company to host your site, choosing free or professional designs, plug-ins, themes, backgrounds, pages, categories…the list just goes on and on.  All the web companies say it is so easy anybody can do it.  Well, maybe so, but I wanted a very easy way to set up an incredible website while spending zero $.  Before you get too excited about that prospect, it does cost a little more than nothing and “easy” means something a little different to everyone.

Cheri and I both knew we needed to get it up and running at some point so she took the initiative and secured sailingconsort.com through Bluehost.  We chose wordpress on the recommendation of other cruiser/bloggers.

I have been playing with the site for a few days and plan to write about what I find over the next few weeks.  I have very little experience in this area so, hopefully, it will be good info for any other non-techy types thinking of setting up their own.

To my family and friends, I hope to keep this site interesting enough to earn a visit every now and then.

Living Life Loving,