Altagracia’s School – Giving Back

Altagracia’s School and Home
He's a ham!
He’s a ham!

We enjoyed our time in Luperon, and tried to repay some of the hospitality we enjoyed by doing some good while we were there.

With the crew of another boat (Tanda Malaika – who you may remember from our Crooked Island story), we found a teacher – Altagracia – running a small school from her home. We thought for sure she would know of some needs in the community, so we went to ask her. It turned out that she needed some help herself. Read more

The Dominican Republic – The Good, the Bad, and the Delicious… Part One: The Good


View of Luperon Harbor
View of Luperon Harbor

We spent over three months in the Dominican Republic: long enough to get a real flavor of the country and to explore it pretty widely. By the time we left, I felt it was a place where I could happily live, but in which I would hate to have to do any serious business. The country, and the people, are just lovely. So let’s start with that! Read more

Crooked Island

Bird Island Light from a distance.

A quick note first – hurricane Matthew just blew past Crooked Island. Our thoughts are with the people there, and in the rest of the Bahamas. With all our hearts, we hope no harm came to them.

We left Rum Cay determined to sail – not motor – to our next destination. We couldn’t be sure, until we got away from the island, exactly what the wind would be doing. To accommodate the uncertainty, we set a number of potential destinations in our chart plotter, and decided we’d make the eastern-most one that the wind would allow. Clarencetown, Long Island if the wind was south of east, Crooked Island, Plana Cays, or Mayaguana if we had a little more luck and the wind was pure east or north of east.

It turned out that we could not have been luckier if we had tried, because we ended up at Crooked Island, which we would have otherwise passed by, and it was just amazing. Not just the island itself, which would have been enough, but the beautiful people we met there, both on land and on another boat.

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