Traveling in the Dominican Republic

Alan and Cheri at Jimenoa Falls #2

We had a great time in the Dominican Republic, and that included several inland trips. It is a stunning country, and there is so much to see!

We went to Santo Domingo via bus. The Dominican bus system is cheap and reliable. Unless there’s a strike. Which there was. Did you know the Dominican word for strike is huelga? Neither did I. You learn something new every day! Seriously, the bus cost about $14 each round trip. Quite a bargain. Read more

Altagracia’s School – Giving Back

Altagracia’s School and Home
He's a ham!
He’s a ham!

We enjoyed our time in Luperon, and tried to repay some of the hospitality we enjoyed by doing some good while we were there.

With the crew of another boat (Tanda Malaika – who you may remember from our Crooked Island story), we found a teacher – Altagracia – running a small school from her home. We thought for sure she would know of some needs in the community, so we went to ask her. It turned out that she needed some help herself. Read more

The Dominican Republic – The Good, the Bad, and the Delicious… Part Three

Our cool chef and instructor in all things bean-like.
Our cool chef and instructor in all things bean-like.

Part Three: The Delicious

When I said the pork was fresh, I meant it. And, yeah, he's shaving this pig's snout, LOL!
When I say the pork is fresh, I mean it. And, yeah, he’s shaving this pig’s snout, LOL!

Oh man. After the poor selection and pasty produce in the Bahamas, I could hardly take in the bounty that was the Dominican Republic (DR). Everywhere we looked there were stands and trucks and trees laden with papayas, mangoes, avocados, guavas, chayote… There were fresh eggs, perfectly fresh chicken and pork, and locally made cheese, all at very reasonable prices, to say the least. Read more