South Coast of Puerto Rico

Leaving Cabo Rojo

December 2016 – After turning the corner at Cabo Rojo, we headed for La Parguera. Mike and Marjolaine on Basta passed us on the way.

We pulled in to La Parguera just before lunch, on a weekend, during Christmas week. To say it was busy there would be an understatement. We put down the anchor long enough to have lunch, and then turned right back around. Being constantly buzzed by motorboats is not our idea of fun. Our goal in stopping there was to see the bio-luminescent bay nearby. It was to be a moonless night, and that makes for good viewing.


Fortunately, just around the way was Bahia Montalva. We pulled in to find Mike and Marjolaine on Basta already anchored there. It was actually a little closer to the bio bay entrance, I think, and we had it all to ourselves.

That evening, we loaded up the dinghy and headed around the bend. There was still some light as we went in and got anchored, but slowly little sparks of light showed when we stirred the water. The crew of Basta came and joined us, and, as it got really dark, Mike decided he needed to see what it looked like in the water. In he jumped, and he pretty much convinced Alan immediately that he also had to try it. Which led to me being convinced, and I am so glad! Every movement set in motion a galaxy of sparkles. Viewed from under the water, it was like disturbing a swarm of lightning bugs. It was definitely a night to remember.

Sailor Girl

As we left the bay, we could see all manner of fish swimming under the dinghy through the narrow cut. Most were smallish, but we also saw what looked like dolphins zipping by. Magical. If you’ve seen the movie Life of Pi, you might have some idea what this looks like. Unfortunately, it doesn’t photograph at all, at least not with my modest camera. You’ll have to see it for yourself!

Next up was a place called “Gilligan’s Island”. On our chart, it is called Cayo Aurora, but I think most people like Gilligan’s better, and it does resemble the flat, classical “tropical island” look from the TV show. We took the easternmost anchorage there, and enjoyed a few days of beach combing and tranquility. New years passed while we were anchored there, and we celebrated aboard Basta with Mike and Marjolaine. It was peaceful and we enjoyed the hospitality. I don’t think we stayed up past 10pm. Life is good at a slower pace, and the year turned while we slept. I don’t think we missed a thing.

Basta at Gilligan’s Island

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