Traveling in the Dominican Republic

Alan and Cheri at Jimenoa Falls #2

We had a great time in the Dominican Republic, and that included several inland trips. It is a stunning country, and there is so much to see!

We went to Santo Domingo via bus. The Dominican bus system is cheap and reliable. Unless there’s a strike. Which there was. Did you know the Dominican word for strike is huelga? Neither did I. You learn something new every day! Seriously, the bus cost about $14 each round trip. Quite a bargain.

Some favorite places in Santo Domingo were the Casa Reales Museum:

Alan with a BIG Anchor at Casa Reales
Window Seat at Casa Reales
Door at Casa Reales
Peacocks at Casa Reales
Window Detail at Casa Reales
This cannon has a cannon ball in it!

The Catedral Primada de las Americas is reportedly the first cathedral built in the new world, and the only gothic cathedral in North America:

One of Many Chapels at Cathedral
Vault Construction at Cathedral – reminds me of a forest.
Beautiful painting at Cathedral. One of many.
Crucifix at Cathedral
Ceiling Detail at Catedral Primada de America
Apparently, it was a Slow Sin Day in Santo Domingo.
Window Detail at Catedral Primada de America

And just some random shots around town:

At the Museum of Rum
Santo Domingo Chapel
China Town – Stretched my Spanish Language skills by shopping for random Asian groceries.
Santo Domingo Door
Santo Domingo window
It’s a very colorful place!
These guys know how to get around!

We also visited the famous 27 Waterfalls. Handy Andy (ask anyone in Luperon or call him on VHF 68) got us a van and drove us there. The hike was brisk and the falls were running cold. Fun day!

Sun, Water, Rocks
Bridge over one of the canyons we floated through.
One of the 27 Falls
Finally getting in the water!
They give you great outfits to wear! 🙂
Burro at 27 Waterfalls
Very long suspension bridge leading to the trailhead

We also visited Jarabacoa, for a couple more waterfall hikes, and the excellent company of Suzanne and Brad from Tortuga. We rented a nice and reliable car from Franklin in Luperon for that adventure. Ask at Wendy’s Bar for his contact info or where to find him.

Jimenoa Falls #2
First view of Jimenoa #1 – WOW!!!
Can you see that these rocks look like bronze?
Our friend and Yoga Teacher, Suzanne at Jimenoa Falls #1
Alan skipping stones
On the rocks at Jimenoa Falls #2
Alan and Cheri under Jimenoa Falls #1

We visited Santiago to provision, and used the services of Nino Estrella (taxi driver, speaks fluent English) for that trip. He let us use his Pricesmart membership, then took us to the excellent Bravo Supermarket there, which is similar to a Whole Foods type store. Prices were actually somewhat better at Bravo, FYI.

Once we moved on to Samana, we toured with Sarah and George from Mirador to Las Galleras and Playa Rincon.

Alan and Cheri at Las Galleras
Palm trees are very sturdy!
George and Sarah at Las Galleras
Horse having a bath at Playa Rincon
Little boat at Playa Rincon
Playa Rincon
View from the drive to Playa Rincon

Then we spent an awesome weekend with Cindy and Alan who live in the DR. We met them in Luperon at Wendy’s Bar, of course. They showed us so much hospitality and showed us some of their favorite places off the beaten path. (Off any path, really!)

Alan and Alan and Cindy
Baseball and Motorcycles
A cattle drive on the way home from El Valle!
Hanging with Cindy at Patricia’s
El Valle Beach – Gorgeous!
Surf’s up!
Alan M. found a hardhat, now he’s Bob the Builder.
Two little girls playing at El Valle.

And last thing before we left, we took the boat over to Las Haitises National Park to see the caves and scenery. Wow! The caves were beautiful, the history amazing, and the forest was full of wonders:

Alan at Haitises Pier
Captain Hanes
Cheri at Haitises
Alan at the Line Cave (Cueva la Linea)
Petroglyphs – shaman and gods
White Fungus
Spiral Plants
Orange Fungus – I thought these were flowers from further away.
Orange Fungus under a leaf

And then we were off, headed to Puerto Rico. Tune in next time for our crossing of the infamous Mona Passage. 🙂

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